Freeman Academy v. Freeman High School - 1970


South Dakota Basketball Tournament Feb. 23, 1970 
First Round District 21  -  Sioux Falls Arena
KSOO - Radio Announcer Danny Olson


W   D   Name 			Ht.   	YR.
44  45  Tim Graber		6'0"	12
34  35  Carlos Hofer		6'0"	12
40  41  Kenton Kaufman		6'0"	12
10  11  Ken Waltner		6'0"	12
14  15  Rudy Brockmueller	6'1"	11
30  31  Loel Graber		6'3"	11
12  13  Bruce Hofer		5'9"	11
42  43  Johnnie Hofer		5'10"	11
20  21  Dennis Lehmann		5'10"	11
32  33  David Ortman		5'10'	11
24  25  LaMarr Waltner		5'11"	11  [1953-2002]
50  51  Calvin Graber		5'10"   10
22  23  Merle Wollman		5'11"   10


W  D   Name			Ht.	YR.
12  13  Dale Aman		5'9"	12
10  11  Kim Wilde		5'9"	12
30  31  Allen Weier		6'1"	12
24  25  Monte Kaufman		5'10"	12
34  35  Mark Mehlhaf		5'10"	12  [1951-1981]
14  15  Tom Harr		5'9"	12
32  33  Rick Preheim		5'11"	11
22  23  Burnell Glanzer		5'7"	11
20  21  Jarvis Heckenlaible	5'9"	11
44  45  Don Hansen		6'1"	10
40  41  Greg Kleinsasser	5'11"	10
42  43  Mark Unruh		5'8"	10
54  55  Tom Villa		5'7"	11
50  51 Greg Graber		5'11"	 9

Now we get set for the second game here tonight between the Freeman High School 
Flyers and the Freeman Academy Bobcats.  The officials are Gary Reed and Milt 
Sorenson.  The teams have great records.  Freeman in at 17-3 wining nine of their last 
eleven, Freeman Academy that is.  Freeman Public has won eight of their last nine and 
are 14-5. 

KSOO - Sioux Falls, the Sports Voice of South Dakota.  That's the Parker High School 
band.  And let's hear their performance. 

For Freeman Academy Bobcats coached by Bruce Mueller,  Carlos Hofer and Tim 
Graber at forwards, Dennis Lehmann at center, Kenny Waltner and LaMarr Waltner are 
the guards.  For Freeman Public, Monte Kaufman and Mark Mehlhaf are the forwards, 
Allen Weier up at center.  Kim Wilde and Dale Aman are the guards.

Tim Graber, six foot senior, 195 scores at ten a game.  Carlos Hofer. He has scored over a 
thousand points in his career at Freeman Academy  six foot senior at 160 pounds. Dennis 
Lehmann at center 5'10". . . . . . . . . . . . Waltner a 5' 11" Junior at 155.   Freeman 
Bobcats, Freeman Academy Bobcats.    Bruce Mueller the head coach in his four years 
has won 55 and lost 22.

Now for the Freeman Flyers, coached by Ron Bennett, whose career record is 108. 108 
wins and 70 losses.   Monte Kaufman, 5'10" senior 155 in weight and scores at fifteen a 
game and rebounds at eight.   Mark Mehlhaf at the other forward, 5'10" senior,160 in 
weight. And Allen Weier, 6'1" Senior, 165.  . . .  .   Dale Aman, playmaker, 5'9" senior 
145 scores at 18.  Kim Wilde a 5'9" Senior 125 pound guard, honor student specializes in 
shooting and playmaker good at 46%.   

The first game had Harrisburg shooting 29.4 and  Parker shot 38.5.  57-55 Harrisburg 
winning it.      


The opening tip off. Controlled here by Mehlhaf of Freeman High School Flyers.  
Endline shot is   SCORING by Aman.   Dale Aman SCORING and its 2-0 Freeman has 
taken the lead.  Freeman Flyers leading, Freeman Academy attacking. 

Here's Lehmann, moving the ball to the right now in the corner, a lobber into the lane, 
ball is lost and picked up by Freeman Public, Dale Aman.  Dale heads the ball up court.  
Pass on the left side to Monte Kaufman out of the corner comes Mehlhaf doubleteamed, 
moves the ball off to Kim Wilde.  Wilde moves the ball back out.  Looks like a 2-1-2 set 
up here by Freeman Academy.  Here's a side shot over the zone, Mehlhaf way short. Ball 
is taken out of the air and is turned around and bounces and sailing to Weier.  Ball is 
chasing on the corner and recovered by Freeman Academy.  Dennis Lehmann moves the 
ball up floor, giving to Waltner.  Lehmann rebounded.  Pass off here, and here's Waltner, 
LaMarr, cutting down the lane, ten foot shot bounces short, rebound controlled by Allen 
Weier, for Freeman High School Flyers.    

Dale Aman brings the ball upcourt now, hands off to Weier on the deep corner to Mark 
Mehlhaf,  back out to Wilde.  Jump shot from fifteen feet out skims the rim for Wilde and 
the ball rolls off the floor almost caught on the corner by Weier. Good recovery, outside 
to Wilde  It's a 2-0 game, Freeman Public leading Freeman Academy as the two towns 

collide head on in the first game of the District , ah, second game of the District 21 
Tournament. Harrisburg won the opener 57-55 from Parker. 

Here's Mehlhaf on the corner moving the ball  back off on the sideline to Aman 
doubleteamed, can't get through, back to Wilde, right side of the lane. Pass to Weier.  
And the whistle sounds on Waltner.   LaMarr Waltner, bumping on Allen Weier.  Weier 
at the line. Allen's an honor student at Freeman High School.  6'1" senior 165 pounder.  
His freeshot bounces and falls in.  3-0, Freeman High School leading Freeman 

The Academy attack now headed by Ken Waltner upcourt, pass off to Lehmann.  
Lehmann down the lane on the dribble, he is tied up, but there's a reach in foul called on 
Mehlhaf.  Mehlhaf has drawn the first foul of the game on Freeman High School's part 
and the freeshooter is Dennis Lehmann.  Who does that remind you of?  Standing in the 
corner of the freethrow circle.  Scoring.  Was it McCoy  that did that for UNI?  3-1 
Freeman High School leading Freeman Academy.  Kelly McCoy of the University of 
Northern Iowa shots freethrows like Lehmann does in the corner of the circle.  
Interception here by Dennis Lehmann, upcourt on the break, here's Graber, shot 
bouncing the rim, not good, batted up, not good, coming down with the ball is Lehmann, 
he losses it, picks it back up, its stolen, he gets it back, losses it, his teammate comes up 
with it, that's Carlos Hofer heading to the endline and the whistle halts play.  Kim Wilde 
trying to get the ball lose, ran into him.  Wilde's foul. 

So at the line will be Carlos Hofer who's scoring at 22 a game and he rebounds at 11.5.  
He has hit 445 points this year.  He is a 50% fieldgoal shooter for the season.  Hits the 
rim, not good.  Recovery by Monte Kaufman of Freeman High School.  Freeman High 
leading Freeman Academy 3-1.  Both teams have outstanding records.  

Off the sideline comes Kaufman trying to get through  and there's a steal of the ball by 
Dennis Lehmann.  He's been the recovery specialist in the backcourt. Pass to Carlos 
Hofer on the corner now.  Here's Lehmann outside on the dribble to the side of the circle, 
firing from fourteen, short, recovery man is Allen Weier of Freeman High School.  Pass 
off is lost out of bounds by Kaufman.  Monte Kaufman lost the ball at the endline.

So the Academy will bring in from the north endline. Freeman High School leading the 
Academy from Freeman 3-1.  Lob pass over the defense to Lehmann.  Lehmann on the 
right.  Long jumper is bounding the rim, not good for Waltner follow shot not good.  And 
the ball is picked off underneath by Monte Kaufman and he hung on to it this time.  
Passes off to Aman.   Dale Aman   A-M-A-N.    Bounce pass down the court to Weier on 
the side line  on the corner   Mehlhaf cutting,  shooting from ten   He is fouled by Graber 
as he went by.  Graber hacking on the shooter. Tim's first foul.  At the shooting line is 
Mark Mehlhaf who scores at six a game and rebounds at three.  Gets two free throws.  
He's a 5'10" Senior, 160 pounder.  Mark's shot is bouncing and SCORING.  So it 
becomes 4-1.  Second shot is also good by Mehlhaf and its 5-1. Freeman High School 
leading Freeman Academy.    

Waltner up court pass off to Lehmann on the sidelines.  So LaMarr Waltner back up and 
around the horn on the corner, here's Kenny Waltner. Pass on the lane as the whistle on 
Allen Weier for reaching across the intended receiver Tim Graber.  Weier's foul is his 
first.  So Graber goes to the line. Tim is a defensive star for Freeman Academy.  He 
scores at ten and rebounds at ten, too boot.  Freeshot swisher.  Tim Graber SCORING 
and its 5-2.  Freeman High School leading Freeman Academy.  Up court now comes

Dale Aman, bounce pass on the side to Kaufman on the deep corner  to Mehlhaf  back 
out to Kim Wilde.  A lob pass cutting down the lane to Weier.  The whistles have halted 
play as the whistle will be on Lehmann.  Dennis Lehmann's first foul.

Freeshot by Wilde, SWISH!  Baskets are at a premium here.  It's a 6-2 score but there's 
been only one basket in the ballgame although we've played almost four minutes.  Here's 
Lehmann up court now for Freeman Academy.  Both teams new to this place.  They're 
trying to get use to it.  Cutting the corner on the defense.  Penalty on Kaufman, as the 
dribbler, Carlos Hofer is headed off and Kaufman has the foul, his first.  Here's Carlos at 
the line.  He missed his last free throw attempt. SWISH on this one.  And that makes it 6-
3. Freeman High School leading.

Up court now comes Dale Aman.  Aman moving the ball. Jump shot from the outside, 
bounces away from Aman, on the rebound it's pulled out by LaMarr Waltner. Waltner up 
court, pass to Dennis Lehmann.  Lehmann on the attack, passing to LaMarr Waltner, 
outside now to Lehmann.  Lehmann left side to Waltner, that's Kenny, cutting underneath 
the shot is not good for Carlos Hofer.  But the whistle is on Allen Weier as a timeout is 
asked for by Freeman High School  Mark Mehlhaf.  Weier has his second foul.  6-3, 
Freeman High School leading Freeman Academy.  With 3:42 left in the first period. 

Here's Carlos Hofer at the shooting line.  Carlos is one for two up there.  Coming off.  
Not good.  Ball hitting the rim and jumping off.  Fouled in the act of shooting.  Carlos 
with another.  Wide.  Ball is picked off by Graber at the endline and he is guilty of a foul 
as he gets the ball, his second.  

At the line now is Monte Kaufman.  Rolling the rim, the ball is,  spins and glances the fan 
board and comes down, not good. Kaufman fails.  It's Freeman Academy's ball on the up 
court.  Here's LaMarr Waltner on the outside now, giving to Dennis Lehmann.  Lehmann 
going left. Carlos Hofer trying to corner on the defense.  Double teamed.  Fires a twelve 
footer, short.  Ball taken out by Allen Weier of Freeman High School.  Pass off to Kim 
Wilde.  Wilde on the move up court to Dale Aman.  Aman bounce pass side to Allen 
Weier.  Weier back up handing the ball off to Aman. Jump shooting from the corner, 
bouncing the rim, not good.  Rebound is Freeman Academy and they lose it out of 
bounds as Lehmann and LaMarr Waltner both had a piece of that ball but kinda got 
hooked up together and lost possession, goes to Freeman High School Flyers.

Now here's Dale Aman circling the defense, pass in on the lane, deflected, intercepted by 
Carlos Hofer.  Pass off to Kenny Waltner.  Waltner handing off now to Dennis Lehmann  
up court.  He passes on the deep corner now  to LaMarr Waltner for Freeman Academy.  
Wearing the Maroon and Gold. Maroon jerseys, gold trucks, while Freeman Public's 
wearing white with dark trim.  And the ball is knocked off the floor.  And it looks like 
Gary Reed will have to make a long run to find it.  

[Looks like we're at the wrong District, Dan. At Mitchell tonight.  Spencer beat Canistota 
in a double overtime 64-62.  District 19 action at Mitchell.  Boy, that's a donnie.  We've 
got a two pointer here though.  Harrisburg 57, Parker 55.]

Here's the inbound play now, long pass outside by Waltner not good. It's followed by 
Hofer.  It's not good.  Recovery by Wilde for Freeman.  Freeman Academy has gone five 
and a half minutes with out a basket.  It's 6-3, Freeman Public leading.  Both teams 
trying to get settled down here. Ball out of bounds by Freeman High School.  Freeman

Academy knocking it off the floor.  Both teams trying to find the range here and get 
settled down.  

In bounds pass to Wilde, on the baseline. Ball is picked now by Aman. He tries a shot, its 
scoring but there's a double dribble, a three-second lane violation. Three-second 
violation.  Out of the backcourt now comes Dennis Lehmann for Freeman Academy.  
Freeman Public leads 6-3.  There's a pass down the lane, broken lose by Dale Aman and 
the whistle sounds, as a foul charged on Allen Weier.  Boy, he has three of them. And it's 
6-3, Freeman High School.  Aggressively stopping Freeman Academy's attack here, but 
it's costing  `em, they have six fouls as a team.  And on the one and one, the SWISH for 
Tim Graber.  So, 6-4.  Freeman Academy already shooting on the one and one, here.  
Second one by Graber, SWISH.  He got `em both and its 6-5.  6-5 now.   Freeman 
Academy without a basket.  Making good on 5 of 8 free throws to this stage.

Cutting on the corner now, it's Allen Weier for Freeman High School  Flyers. Back out to 
Kim Wilde. Wilde backs off between the free throw and center circle here in the south 
court of the      portable Sioux Falls Arena floor, cuts the corner Wilde does, back out to 
Dale Aman  cross court pass out of the baseline. Mehlhaf is sagged on by the defense, 
back out to Aman with the ball  Dale's pivot pass off to Weier.  Endline to Mark Mehlhaf 
the ball goes.  Mehlhaf over on the side as the zone goes with that ball handlers. Pass left, 
now here's a jumper short for Monte Kaufman and the ball is taken off by Hofer.  Carlos 
Hofer of Freeman Academy.  Freeman getting great mileage without a basket here.  
Freeman Academy that is.   However, Freeman Public has only one basket.

And here's a penalty called on Dale Aman, tripping on Waltner.  Aman's foul.  It's 
Freeman High School's seventh and all the starters have one. Freeman Academy has four 
fouls as a team.  And at the shooting line now will be Kenny Waltner with a chance to tie 
this thing  with a minute and nineteen.  He failed.  Ball is on the floor. Waltner misses 
and the recover man on the corner is Wilde, pass off to Dale Aman.  Aman upcourt holds 
up. Pass back to Dale Aman.   Aman to the top of the circle, off to Allen Weier.  Weier 
bounce pass the endline Mehlhaf.  Ten footer bouncing not good, ball batted around.  
Grabbed at the endline by LaMarr Waltner.  They have him pinned to the endline.  He 
gets out of there and gives to Kenny Waltner.  Upcourt now to Dennis Lehmann.  
Lehmann breaking SCORING on a layup with 49 seconds.  So Dennis Lehmann breaks 
lose and with 0:49 seconds left, Lehmann has the first basket for the Academy and they 
lead 7-6.  Up floor now is Monte Kaufman for Freeman Public.  Outside to Dale Aman 
on the right  to Kim Wilde.  Lob pass in and going under for the layup is Weier to 
SCORE!  Nice move by Allen Weier. It's 8-7, lead is back to Freeman Flyers.

Up floor is LaMarr Waltner, double dribble, or traveling called. 8-7.  Freeman High 
School leading Freeman Academy with 0:22 seconds in the first quarter.  Dale Aman up 
court.  Pass to Kim Wilde. Back to Aman with 0:15 seconds.  Now to Al Weier.  On the 
corner to Mark Mehlhaf, ball dribbled out of bounds here by Aman.  0:12 seconds to go.  
Freeman Academy possession.   

Dennis Lehmann will bring it in, hitting Kenny Waltner with the ball.  Its 8-7, Freeman 
Flyers leading Freeman Academy.  There goes Carlos Hofer in on the lane and the 
whistles halts play as he is bumped into on his drive.  They're trying to keep Hofer from 
driving.  And Kim Wilde drew the foul this time, his second.  Hofer at the shooting 
stripe.  He's been shut off in this first quarter.  He's a twenty-two point scorer.  He has 
one point on a free throw.  This free shot is in there.  So Carlos scores to make it a 8-8 
game.  Second shot, bouncing off, not good. Recovery by Monte Kaufman for Flandreau 

[he meant Freeman] Public.   Here's an Aman 35 footer, not good at the horn.   8-8 at the 
quarter.  Freeman Academy and Freeman High School.


FA   8

. . . .boy, that's his third.   In the first quarter, the Academy hit one out of nine for 11%.  
Freeman Public hit 2 of 10 for 20%.  Graber's freeshot not good. And the whistle sounds 
here. Foul, foul  on Carlos Hofer. His first.  Hofer hooking.   Rebound twelve to nine 
favoring Freeman Flyers. Turnovers, they had six, the Academy had just two turnovers.  
Those are first quarter totals.  Two baskets, six freethrows for Freeman Academy in the 
first period.  Or one basket rather and six free throws.

Here's Aman's freeshot. GOOD!  While Freeman Flyers had two baskets and four free 
throws. To get their similar combinations.  Freeshot by Dale Aman is again GOOD on 
the one and one and its 10-8 Freeman Flyers leading again.

Up court now is Dennis Lehmann, heading down the lane.  A jumper, SWISH!  Lehmann 
gets a jumper from the right side, eight feet out and 10-10.. 

Flandreau, rather Freeman Flyers  in the front court, pass on the corner to Mehlhaf.  I 
guess I'm thinking of the Flandreau Flyers.  Nickname here is the same as Freeman.  Ball 
knocked out of bounds here by the Academy.  Inbounds Kim Wilde for Freeman Public.  
Pass on the lane.  There's a pileup.  The whistle will be on Hofer. Hofer asking about that 
foul. His second. 10-10 score.   Half a minute gone in second period [7:30] and Allen 
Weier is at the line. Shot jumps the ring, not good. Recovery by LaMarr Waltner.  

Waltner handing off to Kenny Waltner, now to Dennis Lehmann.  Lehmann on the right.  
Giving to LaMarr Waltner.  Who hook passes a leader to Graber, ten footer jumping the 
ring, not good, rebound by Allen Weier of Freeman Flyers.  Pass of to Dale Aman.  [This 
is KSOO Sioux Falls Tournament voice of South Dakota and game number two is 
already on the board.] 

Here's a jumper from the outside   Not good.  Recovery by Graber.  Up court pass off to 
Waltner.  Handling now to LaMarr Waltner.  Left to Kenny Waltner as Freeman 
Academy has Graber on the lane.  Now turn shooting, short. Ball is picked out by 
Freeman Flyers.  Aman up court on the break to Kim Wilde who will get the corner and 
one hand. Aman, shooting rather on Wilde's pass off.  Nice play.  12-10, Freeman 
Flyers leading.          
Dennis Lehmann is up court now for Freeman Academy  passing on the right to LaMarr 
Waltner.   On the left, jumper by Hofer HITS!  Hofer hit one.  Hofer connected and it's 
12 up.  It's tied for the third straight time on the even numbers.   Eight, ten and now 

Kim Wilde is up court now for Freeman Flyers.  In to Aman who is traveling.  He got 
into a three-way defensive triangle and couldn't get through and is charged for traveling.  
Dennis Lehmann heads the ball up court now for Freeman Academy.  They have never, 
they have led once. A Lehmann basket with 49 seconds left in the first period.   Here's a 

jumper, SCORING by Hofer.   Whistles are sounding.  Basket may count.   Kaufman has 
his second foul.  Freeman Academy leading again as Hofer has scored on an eight foot 
jumper.  It's time out on the floor  Just 2:04 gone here [5:56] in the second period.  The 
lead now to Freeman Academy 14-12. 


Now here's Carlos Hofer going to the freethrow line.  And SCORING to make a three 
point play of it. So Hofer now has eight points. 15-12, Freeman Academy leading.  
Here's Wilde jumpshooting from eighteen the ball skims the rim, not good.  Batted 
around and chased on the sideline and caught, LaMarr Waltner flagging the ball down for 
Freeman Academy. Gives off to Dennis Lehmann.  Lehmann heads the ball up court. 
Passing right to LaMarr Waltner, traveling call.  15-12, Freeman Academy leading 
Freeman Flyers.  Dale Aman upcourt, heading to the right.  Bounce pass back out to 
Aman, now to Wilde.  Jump shot bouncing the rim not good. Chased and caught on the 
endline by Mehlhaf. Mark loops the ball back out front to Dale Aman, now on the post to 
Weier who's back outside to Wilde, to Aman.  Aman jump shooting from twenty-one. 
Hits the rim, not good.   Rebound is pulled out by Carlos Hofer of Freeman Academy.  

Carlos long pass.  Graber under shot, not good. Recovery Kaufman.  Kaufman handing to 
Aman  as Freeman Flyers counterattack.  15-12, Freeman Academy leading.  Three 
minutes gone [5:00] second period. Pass off to Allen Weier now for Freeman Flyers. 
Back out to Kim Wilde. Off to Aman.  Aman on the right hook pass under. Here is 
Weier. Getting loose for the lay up.  Same play he scored in the first quarter and its 15-
14.  And the Academy holds it by a one point lead.  Dennis Lehmann moves the ball 
upcourt now for Freeman Academy's Bobcats. Passing on the right to LaMarr Waltner. 
Waltner on the outer half of the circle.  There's a quick turnaround for Waltner, Len, 
Ken, and the ball rattles around and comes out.  Graber rebounds.  Pushed by Weier.  Oh, 
boy, that's four fouls on Allen Weier.  And that'll bring a quick change.  It's bring on 
Rick Preheim, a 5'11" Junior.  So Freeman High School's aggressiveness on the Freeman 
Academy attack has cost their center Allen Weier.  He will leave for a while anyway with 
his fourth foul. 

It's Graber going to the line for Freeman Academy.  His shot is GOOD!  It's on the one 
and one.  16-14, Freeman Academy.  Weier had six rebounds.  They'll miss him there.  
Second shot's also good by Graber.  And it's 17-14, lead back to Freeman Academy. Up 
court now to Dale Aman.  Aman goes right to Wilde.  Back to Aman.  Let's fly a long 
one.  SWISH!  Aman hits from eighteen on the right side.  Nice shot. 17-16, Freeman 
Academy.  A long court pass to LaMarr Waltner.  Ten-foot jumper is bouncing, not 
good. Rebound by the newcomer, Rick Preheim.  Pass off to Aman. So Preheim picks up 
where Weier left off on rebounds.  Pass off to Aman, heading to the right now. Here's 
Wilde.  Can't get through it. Back to Aman. There's a twenty-two footer, this one's not 
good.  Recovery by Hofer who is crowded by Preheim at the endline here and Preheim 
knocked the ball loose going over his shoulders. So it's Freeman Academy's ball with 
3:15 in the half.  Freeman Academy 17, Freeman Flyers 16.

Dennis Lehmann heads the ball up court.   Pass left to Waltner.  Waltner again on the left, 
now to Carlos Hofer. Three and a half minutes to play in the half.  They whip it around to 
LaMarr Waltner on the outside. To Lehmann  top of the circle to the left to Carlos Hofer 
who fakes and shots.  His shot's not good.  And a whistle halts play as the ball jumps 
away from the lane and there's a penalty on Graber. His third foul.  Tim Graber got the 
foul for Freeman Academy.  And the newcomer Rick Preheim will get the shot.  Preheim 

scores at four and rebounds at four a game.  Good field goal shooter though, 54% for the 
year.  Freeshot's good.  Preheim SCORES!  Preheim's freethrow percentage 36% percent   
17 up.   Second shot by Preheim's good   And, that squares it and puts Freeman ahead 
again. 18-17.   So Rick Preheim puts Freeman Flyers ahead of Freeman Academy.

Here's Kenny Waltner for Freeman Academy heading to the corner.  Pass to Graber and 
Preheim goes over Graber's shoulder to get a, uh, foul.  His first. Tim Graber's at the 
line.	Graber shots at 42% fieldgoal wise and 72% from the freethrow line.  His 
freeshot rattles that rim and jumps off to Monte Kaufman.  Freeman Flyers.  Freeman 
Flyers leading 18-17.    

Here's a jumper from the left. Not good.  Rebound under by Preheim.  Not good. And the 
whistle is sounding here on Lehmann? Or Graber.  Boy, that puts Graber in trouble . His 
fourth.  So each team has a boy in foul trouble.  Graber will, Graber will come out  for 
Rudy Brockmueller.  So Tim Graber departs with his fourth foul and Rick Preheim gets 
two freeshots.  He just hit two up there a moment ago.   Shot bounces in.  Three for three.   
Second shot by Preheim is jumping the ring and staying in.  Boy, he's hit four for four 
here.  There's time out on the floor.  With the timeout going to Freeman Academy.  
Freeman Flyers leading 20-17.  On four straight freethrows by reserve Rick Preheim    


There's a jumper from out front.  Not good by Lehmann.  And it's Freeman Flyers ball 
and they turn it over on the (mechanical?).   Coming up floor and the Academy has 
possession, again.   Here's Lehmann moving the ball to the right of the circle. 
Jumpshooting from sixteen.  Not good while hitting the side of the rim.  Rebound  under 
is yanked by Kenny Waltner.  But he looses his balance.  There's a penalty called on 
Mark Mehlhaf.  His second.  So Kenny Waltner's at the line.  The teams did not meet 
during the year. Freeshot is SCORING for Waltner.  20-18 Freeman Flyers leading 
Freeman Academy. 

2:31 to play in the first half.  Waltner's second shot is SWISH!  So he hits them both to 
narrow it to 20-19.  Now Kim Wilde brings the ball up for the Freeman High School 
Flyers.  Heads off right side, bounce pass intercepted by LaMarr Waltner.  Good recovery 
by Waltner.  Pass off to Dennis Lehmann.  Lehmann flips a pass to the right to newcomer 
Brockmueller.  Outside jumper by Waltner, Kenny SCORING!  Kenny Waltner SCORES 
and it's 21-20, Freeman Academy has the lead back, again. That's the sixth time its 
switched. As Waltner hits. 

Jump shot on the counterattack is SWISHING for Preheim.  I'll take that back, it's 
Mehlhaf's basket.  Mehlhaf  SCORING! 22-21.   The score favoring Freeman High 
School. 22-21 with  1:45 now in the half.  Here's Dennis Lehmann heading down the 
right side of the free throw circle on the dribble.  Pulls up, gives back to Kenny Waltner.  
Balls deflected outside and Lehmann gets the ball back on a good recovery.  Shots from 
thirteen SWISH!  Dennis Lehmann hits head on.  23-22, the Academy leading again.  
The lead has switched eight times here.

There is a whistling, I say, foul called.  Its 23-22.  Offensive foul on Freeman Flyers.  
The Academy attacking.  1:10 left in the half.  Academy leads, 23-22.  There's a jump 
ball.   Wow.  That was the first foul on Kaufman.  The Freeman Flyers are in a little foul 
trouble here. Two people.   The Academy has one fellow in trouble, Tim Graber   There's 
the jump ball.  The tip is pulled down by LaMarr Waltner with a minute [1:00].  He left 

the endline, gets loose on the shot but is on the end line. So it's Freeman Flyers in 
possession. With fifty-five seconds [0:55] in the half.  They trail 23-22.  Pass on the side 
to Mehlhaf.  Traveling called.  Fifty seconds [0:50] to play in the half.  Freeman 
Academy 23, Freeman Flyers 22.  

Dennis Lehmann with the ball.  In to Kenny Waltner out to Lehmann.  Lehmann bounce 
pass on the right  to Kenny Waltner.  Waltner in on the post, turn shot.  Jumping away for 
Kenny Waltner.  Not good.  Recovery, traveling is called by Aman as he recovered and 
tried to step through heavy going.  Thirty-nine seconds [0:39] left in the half.  
[Harrisburg won the opener here tonight 57-55 from Parker.]  

There's a pass on the right. Brockmueller (?) jumpshot is blocked.  Good defense by Rick 
Preheim of Freeman Flyers.  Pass off to Aman  fastbreaking, cutting, shot blocked down 
by Kenny Waltner. But he's guilty of a foul in the process.  Waltner drawing the 
infraction.  Two shots for Dale Aman.  First one's IN!  Aman SCORING to deadlock the 
game at 23 up.   With twenty seven seconds [0:27].  Second shot by Aman is GOOD!  
24-23.  Ninth time the lead has changed here.  

Here's Kenny Waltner heading the ball off to the sidelines.  Knocked away by the 
Academy, rather by Freeman Flyers.  Academy gets it in.  Pass to Ken Waltner with 
fifteen seconds.   In to Dennis Lehmann outside.  A pass off. Intercepted. Good move by 
Dale Aman down court with nine, eight seconds, seven, six, five seconds in the half.  
Four seconds. [0:04] Here's a jumper by Kaufman with three seconds.  Rimming not 
good.  First half is over.  Freeman Flyers 24, Freeman Academy 23.   Lead changed on 
nine occasions. It was 8-8 at the quarter. 


At half time 24-23. Freeman Flyers leading.  In that second period they got four baskets 
and eight of nine freethrows.  For sixteen points.  For the first half the Flyers had six 
baskets and twelve freeshots.  For 24 points.  Ten points by Dale Aman, leading the way 
for Freeman.  For the Freeman Academy Bobcats, they were five baskets in the second 
period.  So both teams had six baskets in the first half the only difference is a free throw.   
Six baskets and eleven freethrows for the Academy.  Six baskets twelve freethrows for 
the Freeman Flyers.  Carlos Hofer has seven points, I think I said eight at one time. Two 
in the first period, five in the second. Tim Graber has five.  All on freethrows, five out of 
seven from the line.  Dennis Lehmann has eight points, or seven points rather.  Same as 
Hofer. And Kenny Waltner has four to complete Freeman Academy's scoring.  

Mark Mehlhaf, has four.  Allen Weier has five for Freeman Flyers.  One by Kim Wilde..  
Ten for Dale Aman.  Four by Rick Preheim, all on free throws.   24-23 Freeman Flyers 
leading Freeman Academy Bobcats.  The game was tied, three, four times in the first half 
and the lead switched on nine occasions.  Now lets go to Larry Bjorgem (?) for the stat 
side of this game.

[Larry Bjorgem(?):]  Hi, Danny, as you mentioned both teams do have six field goals 
here at halftime.    Freeman has hit on, Freeman Flyers has hit on six of twenty one for 
28.6% while the Freeman Academy has hit on 6 of 25 for 24%.  The Academy hit only 
on one field goal and nine of ten from the first quarter for a cool 11%. (?) Came back in 
the second quarter hitting on 5 of 16 for 31.2%. 

The Freeman Flyers hit on 2 of 10 in the first quarter also very cool for 20%.  But 4 in the 

second quarter on 11 attempts for 36.4 %.   Freeman Flyers have out rebounded the 
Freeman Academy team today.  Freeman Flyers picked off 12 in the first quarter, 11 in 
the second quarter for a half time total of 23.  While the Academy had 9 in each quarter 
for a half time total of 18.   In the turnover department, the Academy turned the ball over 
2 times in the first quarter, 3 in the second for a half time total of 5.  While the Flyers 
turned the ball over 6 times in the first quarter, 5 times in the second quarter for a half 
time total of 11.  Again in this game, as in the first game, the teams have been hitting 
very well from the freethrow line. Freeman Flyers have one more freethrow here then the 
Academy at halftime.  Freeman hit on 12 of 14 attempts from the freethrow line for 
85.7%.  Whereas the Academy had one less freethrow, 11, but 16 attempts for  a 
respectable 68.8%.  

The leading rebounders for the Freeman Flyers here at half time.  Kaufman had 7.  Weier 
who is in foul trouble and did not play for about half of the second quarter had picked off 
6.  For the Academy Hofer has five.  And LaMarr Waltner has 4 to be their leaders in 
rebounds  From the field, Aman for the Flyers hit on 3 of 8 attempts.   Lehmann for the 
Academy hit on 3 of  7 attempts at halftime.  So, again, Flyers hitting 28.6% here at 
halftime while the Academy hitting 24 %.   Flyers hitting on 12 for 14 from the freethrow 
line for 85.7%.   Leading (?) them to their one point lead here at half time.   As they lead 
the Freeman Academy 24-23.   [And again in that first game, the Harrisburg Tigers 
proved to be victorious over the Parker Pheasants as they won 57-55.  And now I believe 
Danny has a few more scores. ]     

FA   8  15 - 23 
FHS 8  16 - 24


Funny what the old record books will yield.

We were going through the archives last night and have decided that 1962 was the all 
time record year for overtimes in tournament play as far as our coverage is concerned.

We had twelve overtime periods that year. Overtimes in all three of the State 
Tournaments. Plus district and regional tournaments.  And 1960 was quite an overtime 
year.  We had the Preston and Hayti sudden death overtime in Brookings that we'll never 
forget as well as overtimes in District 18 and District 17  Three overtimes in the State B, 
two overtimes in the State A and eleven overtime periods all total.

24-23 here.  Freeman leading  the Freeman Academy Bobcats.  The lead changed hands 
nine times  The game was tied four times in the first half.  

The Freeman Flyer enrollment is 149.  The Freeman Academy enrollment is 75.  
Freeman's population 1400.  Freeman, by the way, is one of the cities bidding for the 
State Amateur baseball tournament this coming summer along with Salem.  And we 
understand those two towns are bidding most strenuously.  Or seriously.  Or 
enthusiastically. One of the three. 


Here's the tip-off,  Hofer gets loose and goes under to SCORE!  Freeman Academy 
takes the lead 25 to 24.  There is the tenth switch of the night in the leadership 
department as Hofer gets the second half tip and goes in to score on the south court.  
Graber will come right back in now for Rudy Brockmueller who started the second half 
for the Academy.  

Ball knocked out of bounds here by the defense.   It's Freeman Flyers ball.  Wilde 
passing into Dale Aman who heads left.  Bounce pass into the lane to be intercepted by 
Graber, but there's a foot penalty by the defense and it will go to the Freeman Flyers.

The ball over in the corner to Wilde.  Wilde coming off of the corner.  Back out to the 
circle to Mark Mehlhaf on the right to Aman.  Aman back out to Kim Wilde. Left to 
Mehlhaf.  Mehlhaf to Wilde.  Wilde puts a pass left to Kaufman.  Ten-footer jumper in, 
not good and there's a tied ball and a half. Kaufman and Kenny Waltner with a beautiful 
tie-up.  I don't know if there is such a thing, but they simultaneously had all four hands 
on the ball and that ball was going nowhere. 

Here's the tip.  Chased and caught on the sidelines by LaMarr Waltner of Freeman 
Academy.  Pass off to Dennis Lehmann  top of the circle shooting from 16.  Not good.  
Ball bounces the ring.  He's after the rebound.  Teammate Kenny Waltner gets it.   Ball 
lost down the lane and out of bounds.  Off the defense though, touching it last so Tim 
Graber will bring it in under the south court.  Freeman Academy's shooting zone.  Here 
the pass now to Lehmann, outside pass to Graber knocked away and off the floor.   Was 
that Hod Nielsen playing photographer down by the end line?  Boy, Hod you just about 
got run over.  Pass out on the top of the circle of the lane and hit him on the side of the 
head and the ball is loose and picked up by Dale Amen of Freeman.

Lehmann just looked the other way at the last moment.   And here's an interception by 
Kenny Waltner of the Freeman Flyer attack.  The Academy intercepted.  These two are 
pretty even.  Up court now is Kenny Waltner on the right side.  Pass to LaMarr Waltner.  
Jump shot. Not good.  Rebound Dale Aman.  Aman upcourt.  Carlos Hofer hounding him 
trying to get the ball.  Aman   showing the distance.  Shot is GOOD!  A great shot by 
Dale Amen.  Some shovel shot, its 26-25 the lead switching for the eleventh time tonight.   
Back to Freeman Academy, rather, Freeman Flyers.  Pass down the lane as the Academy 
sets up, Graber is pushed from behind by Preheim.

Preheim's second foul.  Al Weier comes back now in place of Mark Mehlhaf for Freeman 
Flyers.  And at the shooting line is Graber with a chance to even the game at 26 up with 
one free throw.  He hit it.  26 all.  And its deadlocked again, that's the fifth tie of the 
night.  Traveling called on the Freeman Flyers.   Sixth tie of the night.   Heading up the 
floor now is Kenny Waltner.  Top of the circle.  Pass off to Dennis Lehmann.  Lehmann 
to Waltner.  Waltner back out to Lehmann to Waltner who jumpshoots from twenty four, 
in the hoop.  Kenny Waltner hangs one.  Its 28-26 the Academy leads again, 28-26.  The 
lead has switched for the twelfth time.  Long jumper from the right, not good.  By Wilde 
and the ball is pumped to (Minor) to Weier, another one not good and Graber comes off 
there with the ball.  Tim Graber rebounds for the Academy.  Heads up court.  Graber gets 
the ball back from LaMarr Waltner, gives it to LaMarr who cuts and tries to lay up.  He 
travels.  Two and a half minutes [5:30]  gone. Third period.  Freeman Academy 28, 
Freeman Flyers 26.  Here's Wilde on the upcourt dribble for the Freeman Flyers. They've 
won eight of their last nine.  The Academy has won nine of their last eleven. Jump shot 
left.  Kaufman short. Ball is batted off the floor at the endline.   Jump ball will resume 
play here. 

Newcomer here is Bruce Hofer now for the Academy. And Mark Mehlhaf getting ready 
to come back in for Freeman Flyers. Here's the tip.  Pulled down by Lehmann.  Lehmann 
of the Academy.  Up court pass to newcomer Bruce Hofer.  Hofer to Lehmann who heads 
for the corner.  Back out now to Waltner.  Back to Lehmann.  Outside, jumper by Hofer, 
it rolls that rim, not good, there's Graber's follow shot, GOOD!  Tim Graber got the 
follow-up and its 30-26 the Academy has a lead and there's time out for Rick Preheim 
and the Freeman Flyers.  Preheim gets the timeout call in. The Academy leading 30-26.  
Freeman Academy 30 and Freeman Flyers 26.  
Harrisburg won the opener here tonight 57-55 from Parker.  O.K. play resumes.  Kim 
Wilde and Dale Aman moving the ball into the north court for the Freeman High School 
Flyers.  Aman's pass left on the side to Mehlhaf coming out of the corner, now here's 
Aman cutting, shooting a one-hander, in there.  Aman connecting from outside.  He has 
fourteen points. 30-26. Now 30-28 on the shot.  Cornering now and dribbling the ball out 
of bounds is Bruce Hofer as he had the defense cornered pretty well, but leaned over the 
endline and bounced the ball and he ran out of room.  

30-28 the Academy leading.  The Flyers attack.  Preheim on the corner, back out to 
Wilde, outside now to Dale Aman.  Aman pass off, turnshot Mehlhaf.  Not good.  Ball is 
chased and caught by Carlos Hofer.  Hofer upcourt now getting the ball to Waltner.  
There's an interception.  Graber gets the ball back and shoots, not good.  Recovered from 
under, Hofer SCORING!  Hofer scores, its 32-28, at the four minute mark [4:00] for the 
Academy.  32-28, Freeman Academy leading.  Preheim comes out of the corner and 
there's a whistle on, if its Graber he's out of here. Tim Graber, that's number five and 
that's who it is.  That's bad news for the Freeman Academy Bobcats and Bruce Mueller 
as Tim Graber a real hustler, defensive star as fouled out with 3:55 left in the third 
quarter.   He leaves with eight points.  It's a blow to the Academy hopes.  They do lead as 
he departs. He has six rebounds.  Graber did and eight points.  A good ball game. 


Here's Rick Preheim at the shooting line.  A high arcer, its GOOD!  Preheim five for five 
at the line for Freeman Flyers.  That makes it 32-29 the Academy leading.  Here's 
Dennis Lehmann moving the ball upcourt, giving to LaMarr Waltner.  Waltner fakes, 
goes back out to Lehmann.  Pass left now, here's Hofer trying to corner on the defense, 
and Wilde knocks the ball away from him out of bounds.  3:39 to play in the third quarter 
here.  32-29, Freeman Academy leading the Freeman Flyers.   Looping pass out front is 
accepted by Dennis Lehmann now to Kenny Waltner.  Waltner screens and there's a 
Carlos Hofer. . . SWISH!  Carlos Hofer hits from twenty-four feet outside.  34-29.  The 
Academy up by five.  Up court now, Al Weier to the endline bounce pass in, turn shot 
from twelve is good for Preheim.  Weier setting up Preheim with a nice assist.  34-31.  

Academy leading and attacking.  Lehmann pass off now to Waltner on the corner to 
Bruce Hofer.  Back out to Lehmann, now in the corner Hofer flings a twenty-footer. . .IN 
THERE!  Bruce Hofer firing from the hip makes it 36-31.  Three minutes [3:00] to play.  
Up court goes Aman.  In the third period that is, the Academy leading 36-31.  Aman 
getting the ball on the right . . .interception by LaMarr Waltner.  Hands to Lehmann.  
Lehmann moving the ball upcourt.  Pass on the right to LaMarr Waltner.  And here is a 
foul called on Mehlhaf, his third.  Two teams in one town.  Population 1,400.  Both 
having great years.  What happens?  They draw each other in the District tournament 

Waltner at the shooting line.  Kenny Waltner for the Academy.  Jumps, SCORES! 37-31.  
In favor of the Academy.   (?) fires up court to Aman now puts up a twenty foot jumper. . 
.SCORING.  Aman hangs one.  37-33 the Academy leading Freeman Flyers.  Waltner 
accepts the pass from Lehmann, and heads down the sidelines on the corner, pass is to 
Hofer who cuts and the whistle is sounding and he was pinched in by Preheim.  Third 
foul on Preheim.  2:16 to go.  Bruce Hofer.  Bruce's credentials, he is a 62% free throw 
shooter,  41% field goal shooter.  He jump shoots at the freethrow line and SWISHES! 
Bruce came down on the corner a while ago and hung one from the hip. Second 
freethrow is in.  39-33 the Academy leading. 

Upcourt is Dale Aman.  Bounce pass intercepted by Waltner.  Kenny Waltner stealing the 
ball. Pass off to LaMarr Waltner.  Up now to Kenny who pulls up pass left, long shot by 
Kenny Waltner, hits the rim not good.  Rebound is taken by  Dale Aman who is caught in 
traffic.  Foul charged on Dennis Lehmann.  His second.  Two minutes [2:00] to play in 
the third period.  Freeman Academy 39, Freeman Flyers 33.

Aman at the line.  Sixteen points tonight.  Jump shoots. . .GOOD!  39-34.  I think a lot of 
kids get started jump shooting at that freethrow line as youngsters when its hard to get 
that ball up there and they maintain the habit.  Down the lane now comes Lehmann. His 
shot not good.  The follow is not good.  And the whistles halt play. Penalty on Al Weier.   
He has fouled out.  (?) the man on fouls.  Al, very instrumental in this Freeman Flyer 
attack is congratulated by his cross town rivals.  Graber comes off the bench to 
congratulate him on a good game and LaMarr Waltner, also to offer his condolences.   
Eight rebounds by Weier and he left with five points.  

Freeshot is SWISHING for Bruce Hofer. Second shot bounces and SCORES!.  So Hofer 
has shot five times since he's been in the ballgame and everything's gone in.  A basket 
and four freethrows and its 41-34 now in favor of the Academy.  Double teaming on 
Dale Aman, he gets lose and shoots, he SCORES!  Aman was double teamed, pivoted 
away from both men and hangs it. Its 41-36, the fourteen foot angle shot for Dale Aman 
who now has nineteen points for the flyers.  41-36, the Academy. 

Waltner pass on the right, cutting to the endline now, Aman is seven of twelve and it was 
the  fourth straight swish there, a moment ago, for the Flyers.  Pass on the lane to LaMarr 
Waltner, ten foot shot partially blocked, recovered under by Hofer.  His shot's not good, 
and the whistles halt play.   Wilde's foul is his fourth. And the Flyers in more foul 
trouble. Two players, Kaufman and Mehlhaf with three apiece.  Here's the freeshot by 
Hofer.  Going in.   Hofer now has fourteen points on that one.  Up in on the one and one.  
42-36, the Academy.  Hofer's second one, short.  Recovery by Monte Kaufman of 
Freeman Flyers.  These kids naturally know each other well on both sides.  Here's Wilde 
heading for the side, pass under, shot SWISHING for Preheim. Very nice shot by 
Preheim.  And its 42-38.  The Academy lead with a minute [1:00] to play at four points. 

Heading up court is Dennis Lehmann.  Pass left to Waltner.  Neither team has been ahead 
by much more then this margin of four, well, it was six a while ago for the Academy. 
Nice fake and a cut by Hofer and he SCORES on a layup.   What a fake by Bruce Hofer.  
44-38.  Up court is Wilde. Crosscourt pass is off the floor, from the defense, I believe,  
but it will still be the Flyers ball.  Right.  

Burnell Glanzer coming on for Freeman in place of Preheim in the Flyer lineup. Mehlhaf 
will bring in for the Freeman High School Flyers.  KSOO Sioux Falls.  Sports voice of 
South Dakota. Tournament game number two tonight.  Pass down the lane.  Back off to 

the right. Mehlhaf SCORING on the pass off from Wilde.  Nice assist from Wilde as 
Mehlhaf scores.   44-40, the Academy lead at four again.   

With fifteen seconds [0:15].  Up court is Bruce Hofer.   Back out to LaMarr Waltner.  
Hofer corner shooting, he missed for the first time and the recovery is Kim Wilde.  He 
tried to go around the corner of Hofer.  It's Hofer's foul.  For not allowing him around.  
Six seconds [0:06] in the third period. Freeman Academy 44, Freeman Flyers 40.

Twenty one points for the Academy third period.  Someone penetrated that plane before 
the ball landed on the ledge and there will be another shot here.  Another shot for Wilde.  
With six seconds [0:06] in the third period  The foul was Hofer's third.  Wilde missed it.  
And they rebound and taken there underneath by LaMarr Waltner.  Pass off is to Kenny 
Waltner and Hofer tried to get through and the horn beat him.  Freeman Academy 44, 
Freeman Flyers 40.  At three quarters.  Well, look at the confetti.   How would you like to 
be the broom man down there.  Whooo, hoooo. 

FA   8  15 - 23    21
FHS 8  16 - 24    16


21 point quarter for Freeman Academy.  16 point period for Freeman Flyers.   Hofer has 
the fourth quarter tip for the Academy.   Both teams had seven baskets.  And here's a 
whistle on Mehlhaf, his fourth foul.  7 of 15 in that quarter for Freeman in that quarter, 
they shot 46.7%, for the Academy that is.  Freeman Flyers shot 7 of 13 for 53.8%.  
There's a freeshot going in for Hofer. That's Bruce. Missed one.  Rebound by Kim 
Wilde.  Jumpball again.  Bruce Hofer hit five straight at the freethrow line before he 
missed one.  45-40, Freeman Academy.  Here's the tip.  Ball is tipped out to Kenny 
Waltner by Aman, he didn't mean to.  Now here's a jumper by Lehmann, SCORING 
from 18 out front.  Lehmann scores and the Academy leads 47-40.  Newcomer Burnell 
Glanzer moves the ball up court, now for Freeman Flyers.  Looks around, comes back out 
to Kim Wilde.  Wilde right to Dale Aman.  Aman on the corner to Mark Mehlhaf.  Now 
there's a jumper short for Monte Kaufman.  Saved outside by Burnell Glanzer.  Hands off 
to Kim Wilde, down the lane, pass off, intercepted by Kenny Waltner of Freeman 
Academy's Bobcats.    Waltner heads the ball upcourt.  47-40, the Academy leading.  
This is about the biggest lead either team has had.   Here's Lehmann.  On the right 
corner, LaMarr Waltner coming off and shooting a ten-footer.  Jumping the rim and 
SCORING!  LaMarr Waltner's first basket of the night at 49-40.   Here's Carlos Hofer, 
intercepting, but there's a penalty on teammate Dennis Lehmann, his third.  

49-40, Freeman Academy leading and Dale Aman's  is at the line.  Dale is after his 
twentieth point here.  And got it.  And its now 49-41 the Academy.  Pass up court against 
pressure defense  Lehmann halfcourting, pass across, and a jump by Hofer, shot not good, 
rebound pulled out by Dale Aman.   Nice rebound by Aman.  Moves the ball upcourt on 
the dribble, Aman does.  Straight up the middle, to the top of the circle, down the lane.  
Ball's knocked away from him by Dennis Lehmann who may have a hand in the process.   
Lehmann charged by the officials with his fourth foul.  Dennis trying to get the ball 
struck the hand of Dale Aman.   Who goes to the line.  [Hayti has defeated Bryant 
tonight.  57-49 in one overtime. And how do you like that one?  The old worm turns.  
Bryant had beat them twice.  And Bryant is out of there as Hayti has staged one of the 
first upsets of Tournament play tonight in District 12 in Watertown.  Hayti 57 - Byrant 49 
in one overtime.]

Freeshot not good.  Freeman Academy attacking.  Here's Bruce Hofer trying to get free 
in the lane.   And the penalty is on Mark Mehlhaf.  That`s his fifth.  Mehlhaf fouling out.  
And the Freeman Flyers have lost their second player on fouls.  Mehlhaf leaves with six 
points.  Fouling out here with 6:15 left in the game. 

Weier fouled out in the third quarter.  There's time out on the floor with 6:15 to go in the 
ballgame.  Freeman Academy 49, Freeman Flyers 41.  [Another score tonight, 
Gettysburg defeated Battle, 73-46 in District 7 at Shelby.  And at District 8 in Waverly, 
Revillo 64, Clear Lake 56, the final score.  Oldham (?) beating Erland (?) 51-37 in 
District 11 play at Brookings and Trout defeating Henry 73-30 in District 4 (?)    But I 
would assume that would be a half-time score,  Hoven over Harriet, 39-29 in District 7 at 
Shelby.  A final.  A final score. Sounds more like a half.]

Hofer at the freeshot line, now.  Jump shoots short.  Ball is recovered by Carlos Hofer.  
His shot is up and in.  Fouled to boot.  Hofer is fouled as he makes the basket.  Carlos 
(makes it?) and  Preheim drew his fourth foul 	and Hofer has SCORED!  It's 51-41.  
Biggest lead of the night for the Academy.  Hofer's shot is in there.  52-41 Academy 
leading.  There's Burnell Glanzer pass off to Aman.  Aman back off to Glanzer.  Lob 
pass in on the lane.  Aman has the ball.  And there's a penalty on the Freeman Academy's 
Lehmann who leaves with his fifth foul.  Lehmann fouling out, so each team's lost two 
players on fouls. Lehmann departs with nine points. (?)  Time out, by the way, on the 
floor with 5:59 left to go.  Freeman Academy leading Freeman.  52-41.  [Commercial]

At the line is Dale Aman.  [It must seem awful early for a  (?).]    Free shot by Aman, its 
GOOD!  52-42.   We've had two previously played games here.  They could have 
(?)started at 6:45.  But not too likely.   That's twenty one points now for Dale Aman.  He 
makes one out of  two.  Up court now comes Bruce Hofer for the Academy.    Pass off 
underneath, hits the rim and its pulled out by Burnell Glanzer of Freeman Flyers.  Pass to 
Wilde, he's upcourt on a straight away pass to Preheim coming out of the corner.  Back 
to Wilde, jump shooting from eighteen, not good. 

Rebound by Carlos Hofer.  Opps, the ball is swiped away from him by teammate LaMarr 
Waltner.  Hofer has the pass off, now to Kenny Waltner.  Five and a half minutes in the 
game its 52-42 the Academy.  Here's Bruce Hofer, handing off to Kenny Waltner on the 
left side now to Carlos Hofer who's on the dribble to the top of the circle, to the right 
down the left side, ah, the right side of the lane although over in the right corner to 
LaMarr Waltner back out, here's that Hofer shot, not good by Hofer.  The follow by 
Carlos Hofer is not good and the ball is picked off by Rick Preheim.  Preheim up court, 
fires from the side of the lane.  Not good.   Rebound is pulled by Kenny Waltner and he's 
grabbed from behind by Monte Kaufman.  Kaufman's fourth foul.  52-42.  4:57 in the 
game.  And Waltner will get the freeshot.  He has seven points.

52-42, Freeman Academy leading the Freeman Flyers.  Seems to me they met in the 
District Tournament here last year, too, but I don't have my record book handy.  Freeshot 
GOOD by Waltner.  53-42 for the Academy.  Ken Waltner, right at his average of 8.7.  
He has it.  He has the free throw.  That gives him nine for the night. It's 54-42, the 

Kim Wilde moves the ball up court, pass on the corner.  It comes to newcomer 
Kleinsasser.  In under, the ball is shot and missed.  Waltner rebounds and is crowded on 
the endline by Dale Aman. Aman putting the pressure on.  He has his second foul.  And 
there's been a timeout on the floor for Freeman Flyers.  The Academy leading them 54-
42 at 4:42 to go in the game.


Our District Tournament play.  Freeshot not good.  Rebound is pulled out of there by 
Greg Kleinsasser who heads the ball upfloor.  Jump shoot from the outside, swishing for 
Aman.  Aman, keeping the Freeman Flyers alive and kicking making it 54-44 here on a 
jumper with 4 and a half minutes.  Bringing them from 12 to within 10. Kenny Waltner 
heads out of backcourt against the pressure defense here of the Freeman Flyers.  Pass off 
is good, back to Kenny from the sidelines from Bruce Hofer.  Now on the eastern 
sidelines, Carlos Hofer, pass in on the lane.  Monte Kaufman in there to break it up.  But 
the penalty is going to be on the Flyers.  On Monte Kaufman, he fouls out.  He becomes 
the third Flyer to foul out, the fifth player to foul out in the ballgame.  He had eight 
rebounds, too.  No points.  At the line is LaMarr Waltner.  54-44, the Academy leading 
with 4:10 to go.  Waltner has a basket, misses the freethrow.  Carlos Hofer rebounds, lays 
up and SCORE!  Carlos Hofer shoots, glances the fan, the ball set for a moment on the 
autolight (?) and then dropped home.  Here's a jump shot from the head of the circle, a 
whistle on Kenny Waltner who bumped on the shooter, Dale Aman.  They just can't 
afford to let this guy shoot they way he's gunning tonight.  He's hit eight (?), Aman has.  
Shot bouncing in.   Waltner [must mean Aman] scoring on the one and one. Twenty, 
twenty two, twenty four for Waltner [must mean Aman] on the second one.  And its 56-
46 the Academy leading. 

On the upcourt dribble now another foul is called on Kim Wilde.  He has, no I'll take that 
back, six is Kleinsasser's foul. Kleinsasser's foul.  56-46 Freeman Academy leading the 
Freeman Flyers with 3:54 to go and Bruce Hofer goes to the line. SCORES! He has ten 
points, nine of them came in the third quarter off five of six freethrows and two shots.  
Second shot is GOOD!   He's the closest to a holster shooter you'll see.  Upcourt now 
goes Burnell Glanzer, upcourt, the long one by Aman is short this time and the ball is 
taken out by LaMarr Waltner. Upcourt, pass off and the ball handed off here to Kenny 
Waltner.  Waltner moving up and the ball is knocked lose and off the floor by Dale 

Academy having newcomer Dave Ortman in the ballgame.  Ball brought in sails (?) 
across, no one can get to it and finally saved on a great play by Bruce Hofer, but the 
whistle had been sounded on Kenny Waltner prior to that.  Ken's second foul.  58-46 
Freeman Academy leading.  Third foul rather on Waltner.

At the line here is Burnell Glanzer. On the one and one for the Freeman Flyers and his 
shot is short.  Ball is pulled out of there by Bruce Hofer who is fouled by Aman, his third 
foul. 3:33 left in the game.  58-46, Freeman Academy leading.  [Again, Hovan tie (?) 
57,  50, or 49 for Bryant.]   Freeshot is SWISH by Bruce Hofer.  AGAIN!  Boy the 
youngster has hit nine out of ten at the freethrow line and its 60-46.  What a relief role he 
has played.

Here's Burnell Glanzer for the Freeman Flyers now with three and a half minutes [3:30].  
Here's       Aman's turnshot bouncing not good, rebound Hofer  and LaMarr Waltner 
does recover it. [ Final score is Hovan 56, Harried 51. It has not a final before.  Hovan 56, 
Harried 51.  In what might be a mild surprise in District 7 Harried had the best record, 11 
and 7 and Hovan 8 and 13 going in.]

Fouled called here on the Academy and to the line will be Kim Wilde.  The lead changed 
hands twelve times here before the Academy got it for what has been quite a stretch now 
in the third period.  Free shot not good.  Recovered by the Academy. Up court now 

comes Bruce Hofer.  He is double teamed, pass off and the whistle blows on Rick 
Preheim. His fifth.   I have him for five.  There is a another man to foul out.  He's the 
fourth Freeman Flyer to foul out.  Leaves with nine points. So Freeman has fouled out 
four players.  Hofer is nine of eleven in the freethrow department rather than nine of ten.   
Bruce Hofer that is.   Here he is at the line.  The little jump shooter.  Not good this time. 
And the recovery man is Kim Wilde of Freeman Flyers.  Heads the ball up court, jump 
shoots on the run, ball bounces off not good, the follow shot is not good    and the ball is 
picked out of there by Kenny Waltner of Freeman Academy.  Waltner looking off to 
LaMarr Waltner, upcourt pass on the break is missed by Carlos Hofer.  The corner pass to 
Hofer misjudged and lost out of bounds.  2:43 to go, the Academy leading 60-46. 

Here's Burnell Glanzer up floor now for Freeman Academy [meant to say Flyers].  
Glanzer hoists a twenty footer way short but Kenny Waltner, I believe got the shooting 
hand.  He did. Fourth foul.  Six boys have fouled out of this ball game. Four from the 
Freeman Flyers side and two from Freeman Academy.  Here's Wilde at the line.  60-46 
the Academy.  Shoot bouncing in for Kim Wilde.  60-47.  Wilde's second one is good.  
60-48.   Upcourt now,  interception by Jarvis Heckenlaible.  He has intercepted   He gives 
off to Kleinsasser, shot not good.   Another interception, Kleinsasser SCORING!  It's a 
score and its 60-50.  The Academy has another interception.  Here's Kim Wilde.  Two on 
two, Kleinsasser again.  Kleinsasser SCORING and its 60-52.  And the Academy wants 
time out.  To steady out.   They lead 60-52 in the wake of three baskets here in the space 
of 2:36 to 2:09.  2:09 now and its 60-52.  Time out on the floor.  [Commercial]                      
Now we're ready to resume play.  Freeman with full court pressure on here. In about 27 
seconds scored three baskets and almost got back into this ballgame, the Flyers did.  
Kenny Waltner up court, another interception  by Kleinsasser   Here he comes, shot is not 
good.  He didn't get the shot away, Hofer fouled him.  Hofer went for the ball and fouled.  
Bruce Hofer trying to head off Greg Kleinsasser who has come in here in relief and has 
hit two crucial baskets and you've seen him take on confidence as he got that first one 
and was going for his third here until fouled.  He's on the one and one. There's 1:57.   
It's GOOD!  The freeshot is good by Greg Kleinsasser and its 60-53.  Seven points now 
in half a minute.  Second shot is not good.  And the recovery by the Academy.  Ball is 
grabbed by Bruce Hofer.  He gives it off to Kenny Waltner doubled teaming.  Foul is 
called on Dale Aman.  That's his fourth.  Kleinsasser is a 5-11 sophomore. 

At the shooting line is Kenny Waltner, now for the Academy. Seven straight points for 
the Flyers.  Finally that sting is snapped by Waltner and his free throw.  Flyers have hit 
seven in a row over a stretch of 36, 39 seconds.  Second shot is also in the net for Kenny 
Waltner.  62-53 and the Academy steadies back to a nine point lead.  Flyers attack, 
interception by Kenny Waltner.  Three quarters court pass, intercepted by Kim Wilde.  
Up court to Dale Aman.  Bounce pass inline, Kleinsasser SCORES.  Kleinsasser gets 
loose again to score.  Great pass by Aman. 62-55 a minute and a half [1:30].  Upcourt, a 
near interception by Kleinsasser who shoulders into on Carlos Hofer.  Kleinsasser's 
second foul.  62-55.

Nine points to two by the Academy here in the last minute have drawn them rather by the 
fire have drawn them back closer.  The Academy now getting a freeshot from Carlos 
Hofer, 63-55. Second one flicked right in there.  He uses a virtually two hand chest shot.  
64-55.  Upcourt is Kim Wilde.  Aman twenty-two footer, in the net.  Dale Aman hangs 
one from way out.  Looks like bombing on that one. 64-57.  Academy attacking, trying to 
get through.  Kleinsasser almost intercepted.  Interception by Kim Wilde.  Pass off   
Intercepted back  Intercepted almost back by Wilde. Now intercepted again by 

Heckenlaible, to Kleinsasser, its intercepted back by Waltner.  It's unbelievable.   The 
way this ball is changing hands.  It must be a potato out of the oven.        
Ready to bring in now is Greg Kleinsasser for the Flyers.  Corner shooting short , Burnell 
Glanzer and the whistle sounding underneath.  Pushing penalty called on Jarvis 
Heckenlaible. His first foul. It's 0:56 seconds left.   I'll tell you, Freeman has put on a 
great ball game here tonight.  Freeman playing itself here tonight.  Freeman High School 
against Freeman Academy, two towns, two teams from the same town really hook up in 
the ballgame.  Dave Ortman gets a free throw for the Academy, misses, finds the 
rebound, Kleinsasser heads the ball of court, holds up, looks for help, pass off to Wilde, 
Aman twenty-four footer GOOD again.  Aman hits a long bomb and its 64-59 and with 
0:45 seconds.  Up court now here's Carlos' pass off, shot is GOOD by Ortman.  Carlos 
Hofer passing off.  Foul is on Dave,  Dale Aman.  And I have him for five.  He becomes 
the fifth Flyer to foul out.  Dale Aman and what a night.  Ten points in the last quarter, 
nineteen in the last half, twenty nine for the night. Some night for Dale Aman.  Nine of 
eleven for Hofer and ten of seventeen for Aman.  Nine of eleven freethrows for Aman.  

Freeshot not good here.  And the whistles halt play again, Greg Kleinsasser's foul.  Its 
66-59   That basket a moment ago by Hofer?, rather by Ortman was a big one, it was 
Dave Ortman's first basket of the ballgame.  Freeshot now is SWISHING for LaMarr 
Waltner, makes one out of two.  And its 67-59 Freeman Academy leading with a half a 
minute [0:30].  Coming off the sidelines with a long jumper is Heckenlaible, not good.  
Recovery the Academy, ball is deflected.  There's Carlos Hofer going down the line and 
Glanzer bumped into him.  Freeman has fouled out five players on the night.  Freeman 
Academy fouling out two.  So that is seven boys that leave on fouls. [KSOO Sioux Falls 
Tournament Voice of South Dakota.]   Nineteen seconds [0:19] now the Academy 67, 
Freeman Flyers 59   Free shot not good by Carlos Hofer. 14 of 21 tonight for Hofer, 22 as 
he makes the second one.  68-59.   Up court Freeman Flyers Glanzer  pass in to Wilde, 
sliding in a one hand shot's not good, and he was fouled as he got that shot loose. Penalty 
on Carlos Hofer, his fourth foul. 

At the line is Wilde.  Wilde will get one and one.  On the one and one is Kim Wilde.  
SWISH!  Wilde scoring it's 68-60.  Believe me, this one is ever bit what the score would 
lead you to believe even if you just tuned in.  Furious rally here by Freeman.  Came 
within five a moment ago. Wilde's second shot is GOOD!  68-61.  Interception here by 
Wilde from the incourt pass but he fell into in getting that ball and then was fallen over 
on by Ortman.  Dave Ortman drawing the foul.  So Wilde's up with nine seconds.  
Fourteen point deficit stared Freeman Flyers in the face with 2:36 left and they started 
storming back.  Wilde's freeshot GOOD!. And it's 68-62 Although it may be too late for 
the Flyers.  Wilde's second shot is SWISH! And it's 68-63. The Academy five point 
lead, once was fourteen.  Up court now.  Pass off to Bruce Hofer. Corner shooting, not 
good.  Follow shot is GOOD at the horn by Dave Ortman.  Ortman gets a great big hug 
from one of the cheerleaders as he SWISHES to finish off  Freeman Academy 60,  70-
63 over the Freeman Flyers.

Some finish here.  Well, with 2:36 to play, two minutes and thirty six seconds left  and 
the Freeman Academy Bobcats were cruising along  60-46.  Suddenly seven points in 39 
seconds brought the Flyers back in the ball game.  As they jumped back in the game 60-
53 and with 45 second left they had it down to 64-59.  But a basket by Ortman with 32 
seconds left sealed the verdict at 66-59.  And the final is 70-63.  Freeman winning its 
tenth game in its last twelve starts, the Academy rather. And the Freeman High School 
Flyers losing their sixth.   

Well that's the story, Freeman Academy winning from Freeman Flyers by 70-63.  We'll 
check that scoreboard for you next. [Commercials] 

The Freeman Academy Bobcats winning the ballgame.  Carlos Hofer had a pretty good 
night.  He finished with eight points in the last quarter, fifteen in the last half.  Twenty 
two for the evening I have him for.  Tim Graber fouled out with eight.  Dennis Lehmann 
fouled out with nine points. Graber had six rebounds too before departing.  Kenny 
Waltner hit eleven points.  And Bruce Hofer finished up with thirteen, coming in in the 
second half after the Academy got in foul trouble.  Bruce had all thirteen of those points 
in the second half.   Nine of twelve freethrows that were jump shots.  David Ortman 
rounded out the scoring for the Academy with four points.

The Freeman High School Flyers had fouled out almost the whole first team with the 
exception of Kim Wilde.  They did foul out five people.  Dale Aman lead them with 
twenty nine points before departing.  And Mehlhaf had six points before fouling out with 
6:15 left.  Allen Weier, their starting center fouled out midway through the third period 
with five points and eight rebounds.  Monte Kaufman fouled out.  Had eight rebounds.  
Kim Wilde, six-seven points,  the only starter to finish.   And Rick Preheim fouled out, 
had nine points.   Greg Kleinsasser had seven points in relief.   So that's some of the story 
of tonight's ballgame.   [Commercial]
. . .

[Other Announcer- Larry]:  I just did some fast checking here,  in that first game I 
thought we had a lot of free throws as Harrisburg hit on 27 of 36 and Parker 15 of 22.  
But we managed to out do them in this game.   Freeman hit on 25, this is the Flyers, 25 of 
33 from the field for 75.7%.   Freeman Academy 32 free throws and 45 attempts for 71.2 
% from the freethrow line.  Both teams shot very well from the freethrow line, but that 
gives us a game total of 78 free throws attempted.  Compared to 58 from the preceding 
game. Another oddity here.  Both teams shot an identical 19 of 50 from the field. So both 
teams ended up the game shooting 38%.  Another oddity, both teams in the whole first 
half, had six field goals.  Both teams in the third quarter had seven field goals. And both 
teams in the fourth quarter had six field goals again.  The Flyers hit on 6 of 21 in the first 
half for cool 28.6%, came back in the second, or third quarter hit 7 of 13 for  53.8%  and 
as they were rallying there in the fourth quarter they hit on 6 of 16 for 37.5%.  Hitting in 
their game total for  19 of 50 for 38%.         

The Freeman Academy Bobcats, on the other hand, hit 24% in the first half on 6 of 25.  
Came back in the third quarter hitting on 7 of 15 for 46.7%.  And in the fourth quarter 
they hit on 6 of 10 from the field  for 60% for their game total of 19 field goals in 50 
attempts or 38%.  The Bobcats out rebounded the Flyers 46 to 39, although they were 
trailing at halftime 23 to18,  but part of those had to be from the fact that the Flyers had 
lost three or four of their front line men  via the foul route in the later stages of the game.  
The Academy picked up 19 rebounds in the fourth quarter, but they turned the ball over 
eleven times in the fourth quarter for a game total of 19 turnovers, while the Freeman 
Flyers had 21 turnovers.  And Aman played a very fine shooting performance here 
tonight as he hit on 10 of 17 from the field and 9 of 11 from the freethrow line for a team 
leading and tournament leading so far 29 points.  Kleinsasser in a reserve role hit on three 
of five and Preheim hit on two of three with some very fine assists by his teammates.  

The leading rebounders for the Freeman Flyers was Kaufman with eight, and Weier with 
eight before fouling out.  For the Freeman Academy, Carlos Hofer lead them in shooting 
from the field as he hit 7 of  14 attempts and lead them in rebounds also, Danny, as he 
picked off thirteen rebounds.  Lehmann hit on 4 of 10 and Ortman in relief hit on 2 of 2 
from the field.  LaMarr Waltner, was second in rebounding for the Academy with ten 

So again, both teams shooting 38% from the field on 19 for 50, but the Freeman 
Academy Bobcats hitting on 32 of 45 from the charity strip for 71.2%.  Freeman Flyers, 
shooting a better percentage from the freethrow line 75.7%,  but did not have as many 
attempts as they hit on 25 of 33.  And now back to Dan.

All right Larry, that's eight more freethrows then the Augie - UNI  had I believe last 
night. night.    Another, if you're adding up oddities, you can see fifteen baskets in the 
last half. And as you mentioned both had nineteen baskets for the ballgame.    The lead 
changed hands a dozen times before the Academy got it for keeps 28-26, midway through 
the third period.  But even at that, after cruising along by 14  with 2:36 to play, the 
Academy then faced a Freeman flashback here which brought the Flyers 7 points in 39 
seconds. And with 45 seconds to go, the Flyers had wiped 11, ah, had wiped 9 of a 13 
point, ah ,14 point deficient off the board.  They were down 60 to 46 by 14 and there was 
only five left on the Academy side 64-59 with 45 seconds, but Ortman's basket at 32 
seconds sealed the doom for the Flyers and the Academy won their tenth in the last 
twelve, 70-63.     [Other scores]

Tim Graber	 	1      	6-8	8
Carlos Hofer		7	8-14	22
Dennis Lehmann		4	1-1	9
Ken Waltner		2	7-8	11
LaMarr Waltner		1	1-4	3
Rudy Brockmueller	0	0-0	0
David Ortman		2	0-2	4
Bruce Hofer		2	9-12	13
 Totals			19	32-49	70

Fouled out:  Kaufman, Mehlhaf, Weir, Preheim, Aman, Graber, Lehmann,
Total fouls:  Freeman 34, Freeman Academy 22

Coach: Bruce Mueller
Cheerleaders:  Mary Richert, Teresa Graber, Monica Graber, Joan Waltner, Rosalind 
Waltner    /    Student Managers:  Janver Stucky, Ronnie Kramer

Monte Kaufman		0	0-1	0
Mark Mehlhaf		2	2-2	6
Allen Weier		2	1-2	5
Dale Aman		10	9-11	29
Kim Wilde		0	7-9	7
Rick Preheim		2	5-5	9
Burnell Glanzer		0	0-1	0
Tom Haar		0	0-0	0
Jarvis Heckenlaible 	0	0-0	0
Greg Kleinsasser	3	1-2	7
  Totals		19	25-33	63			

Coaches: Ron Bennett, Wayne Knoll
Cheerleaders: Karon Uecker, Rose Hoff, Sandra Barta, Barb Uecker
Student Managers:  Randy Wipf, Charlie Aman, Ted Pidde

Freeman		8	24	40	63
Freeman Academy	8	23	44	70


Tim Graber Sr. 44/45 (1969 photo)

Carlos Hofer Sr. 34/35 (1969 photo)

Ken Waltner Sr. 10/11 (1969 photo)

Rudy Brockmueller Jr. 14/15 (1971 photo)

Bruce Hofer Jr. 12/13 (1971 photo)

Dennis Lehmann Jr. 20/21 (1971 photo)

David Ortman Jr. 32/33 (1971 photo)

LaMarr Waltner Jr. 20/21 (1971 photo) [1953-2002]

FREEMAN ACADEMY CHEERLEADERS Mary Richert Sr. 20/21 (1969 photo)

Teresa Graber Sr. (1969 photo)

Monica Graber Jr. (1971 photo)

Joan Waltner Jr. (1971 photo)

Rosalind Waltner Jr. (1971 photo)