Ann E. Marchand/David E. Ortman - HOT LINKS

So you're ready to leave so soon. We've enjoyed your visit. Wish you could have stayed longer. On you way out, take a tour and see what other hot spots you might enjoy! Take Care, David, Ann, Michael and Neah.

David grew up in South Dakota. For an approximation of South Dakota weather, you can also turn your TV set to Channel 2 and watch the "snow". He graduated from Bethel College in Kansas where he was editor of the school paper his senior year. Amazingly, the Bethel Collegian is now on line.

Perhaps you would like to travel around and see what Seattle is like. Bring your umbrella!

Michael likes to watch the Seattle Mariners. If you like falling tiles, you'll love the Mariners!

Here is something even useful, a world telephone directory. Now you can look up all those folks around the world that have the same last name as you!

You can also check out the New York Times. (Note: David got his picture on page A-10 of the 1 March 1996 issue. Well, o.k. it was the back of his head, but he was holding a very impressive sign at an Ancient Forest rally in Seattle).

Since David is both a STAR TREK fan and a magic trick fan he is still waiting for DATA to do card tricks, but this one will have to do.

Finally, here is a great source of sometimes useful and amusing information at BOING BOING