[NOTE: The following is some family history on Ann Marchand’s parents Robert and Jean (Courter) Marchand and that side of the family:

ROBERT MARCHAND - - - - - m. - - - - - JEAN COURTER

b. 23 Aug. 1922 - - - -16 June 1945- - - -b. 16 June 1921

They had four children:

Richard Marchand b. 17 Sept. 1946 d. 10 March 1979 St. Louis, MO

Tim Marchand b. 5 April 1948 m. 5 June 1970 1) Rosemary Kutz / 2) Marie Landry

ANN MARCHAND b. 10 May 1954 m. 1 Jan. 1983 DAVID E. ORTMAN b. 28 March 1953 Bridgeport, CT

Susan Marchand b. 2 Feb. 1957 m. John Gavin (divorced)]



In French "Marchand" means merchant, similar to "Kaufman" in German. Because the Marchand family came to the US via Canada, it is difficult to trace.

ISAIE MARCHAND (b. (?) d. around 1920 in Lowell, MA) m. (?). They had four children (Joseph, Eugene, Lucy and LOUIS ARTHUR).

LOUIS ARTHUR MARCHAND (b. 2 April 1870 in St. Appollin, Appolliniaire, P.Q. CAN d. 30 March 1951 Dracut, MA) m. 5 June 1893 Arthemise Chaine (b. 9 April 1871 Arthabaska, P.Q. CAN d. 12 Nov. 1954 Dracut, MA). They had two children (Alice and ARTHUR JOSEPH).

ARTHUR JOSEPH MARHAND (b. 6 Nov. 1896 in Lowell, MA d. 19 Mar. 1948 in Lowell, MA) m. 2 Feb. 1918 Emma Belle Hill (b. 4 Aug. 1897 West Corinth d. 7 Dec. 1981 Lowell, MA). They had six children (Arthur Louis, Raymond Otis, ROBERT, Joseph Paul, Edward Merton, Rachael Lorraine).

[Note: Joseph Paul was in the Navy and was on the crew of the nuclear powered U.S.S. Nautilus, the first submarine to go under the North Pole. There is a U.S.S. Nautilus alumni website with more information.]

ROBERT MARCHAND (b. 23 Aug. 1922) m. 16 June 1945 (MARJORIE) JEAN COURTER (b. 16 June 1921). They had four children (Richard Bruce, Timothy Robert, ANN ELIZABETH, Susan Carol)

ANN ELIZABETH MARCHAND (b. 10 May 1954) m. 1 Jan. 1983 Wichita, KS. DAVID ELLIOTT ORTMAN (b. 28 Mar. 1953, Bridgport, CT). We have two children (Michael David b. 25 Sept. 1985; Neah Elizabeth Marchand b. 30 June 1989)

[NOTE: According to the Association of Marchand Families (P.O. Box 6700, Sillery, Quebec, CANADA, G1T 2W2, nine different Marchand families came to the North America from France. According to this Association, the Marchand line above possibly hooks up with the above information as follows, but this still needs to be verified and checked out:

Jean Marchand married Catherine Chorais at the Calvinstic Temple of Larochelle, France, on 3 March 1630. Upon his arrival in Quebec, Canada he was a carpenter working for Louis Couillard. They had at least one son Jean.

Jean Marchand (born in Larochelle, France) m. 14 April 1681 Marie Ayotte in Quebec. They had at least one son Francois.

Francois Marchand m. 29 July 1720 Catherine Poulet in Ile De’Orleans. They had at least one son Joseph

Joseph Marchand m. 21 Feb. 1757 Madeleine Cote in St-Antonie De Tilly. They had at least one son Jean-Batiste

Jean-Batiste Marchand m. 5 Aug. 1782 Therse Houde in St-Antoine De Tilly. They had at least one son Louis

Louis Marchand m. 11 Jan. 1820 Madeleine Daigle in St-Antonie De Tilly. They had at least one son Isaie

???Isaie Marchand m. 17 Jan. 1860 Philomene Rajot De Beaurigave in St-Pollinaire De Tilly. They had at least one son Louis-Barthelemi who married Arthemise Chaine (see above). ]



CHARLES ("Charlie") COURTER’s father, JOHN ANTHONY COURTER, was born September 23, 1843, in New Jersey. Soon after the Civil War ended he headed west and worked for a few years in a lumber camp in Minnesota before moving to Barnes, Washington County, Kansas, where he homesteaded on 160 acres in 1869. The drouth years and the grasshopper plague such extreme hardship that in 1875 he moved to an undeveloped area near Aberdeen in Dakota Territory. There he met Barbara Maria Ritz, who was born in 1857 in Kirchen, Germany and who came with her parents and brothers to the United States when she was twelve years old. The Ritz family stopped first in Drifton, near Tiffany, Pennsylvania, where the father worked in a mine. Later the family moved to Dakota Territory; Barbara and John Courter were married at Aberdeen in 1882. Three children, Jennie, Etta, and Anna were born there. Because there were no nearby schools, the family moved to John’s homestead in Washington County, Kansas, in 1888 where three more children, Irene, Mary, and finally CHARLES in 1894 [b. 2 July near Barnes, KS. / d. 27 Aug. 1991 at Medicalodge, Eureka, KS], were born.

In order for the children to have access to secondary education, the family moved from Washington County to a farm near Topeka in 1903. After the children had graduated from Topeka High School (CHARLIE finished in 1913), the family moved again, this time exchanging their Topeka area farm for one five miles east of Climax. Furniture, equipment, and livestock were loaded into two box cars for shipping by Santa Fe railroad to Climax, arriving a week before Christmas in the middle of an extended period of zero degree temperatures. The family surrey was reassembled in the dark for the drive from Climax to the new home. The next morning it was discovered that two large wheels had been attached catercornered rather than to the back axle of the buggy; the roads were so rutted and frozen that the passengers were unaware of the vehicle’s re-design.

On the Fall River township farm, CHARLIE assisted his father with the crops, milking, and livestock and gradually took over the farm. Barbara Courter died at home in 1926 and John died in 1938 at the age of 94. In 1920 [12 May in Eureka, KS ] CHARLIE married MARIAN Devier [Note: b. 24 April 1898 near Arlington in Reno County, KS./ d. 18 October 1991 in Eureka, KS] , a neighbor and a daughter of Greenwood County pioneers Hugh and Tressora (Snider) Devier. They had three children, JEAN [married ROBERT MARCHAND], now of Wichita, Clayton of Cimarron, and Bill of Severy. In 1947 the U.S. Government bought their farm as part of Fall River Reservoir and the Courters moved to Climax; they moved to Eureka in 1960. The Courters were enthusiastic promoters of the extension service in the county and they actively assisted in establishing the Greenwood County Historical Museum. They particularly enjoyed their home, their garden and fruit trees, and stilll enjoy visitors, although because of poor health they currently reside at Eureka Medicalodge.

When Hugh Devier was born in 1863 in Highland County, Virginia, there were eight thousand soldiers on the Devier farm. The Deviers owned slaves and Allan, one of Hugh’s brothers, fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. In 1878 Hugh came to Kansas by train and wagon with his parents and sisters, Lucy who married Lucius Devier, Mary who married Swop Hull, and Cora who married Henry L. Hamilton. The family lived on a farm northwest of Eureka. In 1891 Hugh Devier married Tressora Snider, the daughter of John and Matilda (Dunlap) Snider. The Dunlaps had come from Pleasanton, Kansas, in 1871 and had settled in the Valpariso school district seven miles south of Eureka. At various times Hugh and Tress moved to farms in the Toronto, Quincy, and Climax areas while they reared their five children, Glen E., MARIAN (Courter), Alice (Taylor), Martha (Davis, Swisher), and Harriet (McDonald).

Matilda Dunlap, born in 1848, had no mirror in her girlhood home, so relied on a pool or water in the nearby creek to see her image. Indians sometimes visited her home with demands for loot. On one occasion, to persuade an unwelcome visitor to leave, Matilda gave an Indian a rooster. To take the chicken with him, the man tired the rooster to the tail of this horse, and Matilda last saw her rooster squawking in fright, dragged along behind the equally frightened horse and its rider.



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Family ancestor charts go back to a HARMEN COERTEN b. @1610 d. 26 November 1689 (brother of Guert Goerten). HARMAN married Aertje Gerrits and they had five children (Gysbertje (F); Reyckje (F); Neeltje (F); Guertje (F); and JAN (M)). The family came to "New Netherlands" [now New York City] from Voorthuysen in Guelderlandt (Holland) on 12 February 1659.

Their fifth(?) child and only son, JAN HARMENS COERTE (b. @1654 and d. <1699) married Neeltje Jans Buys on 23 June 1684 in Bergen, N.J.. They had four children (Aertje (F) (died in infancy); Aertje (F); JAN (M); Harme (M)). At this time the spelling was changed to "Coerte" or "Koerte" and later the name became "Courter"..

JAN COERTE (b. 1687-1694 d. (?) m. Marytie Ariaense on 8 April 1711 and they had six children (JOHANNIS (M); Henrick* (M); Peter (M); Neeltje (F); Hermanus (M); Ayre (M)). He remarried Nelletijie Steg and had two more children (Jacobus (M); and Abraham (M)).

[NOTE: *Henrick COERTE m. Maria Slot. They had three children (**Peter, Wiliam, and John)

In this generation they added the "r" to the last name.

**Peter Corter (bapt. 8 Oct. 1738 d. (?)) m. _____(?). They had six children (John C., Aaron, Fredrick, Jacob, James and Henry.

This is evidence to support the fact that a Petter Corter took part in the Revolutionary War in the "Alarm at Connecticut Farms", the first of two encounters between the British and the joint forces of the New Jersey Militia and a unit of the American Army. (Connecticut Farms is now Union, New Jersey.). However, it should be noted that Peter had a first cousin also named Peter (but ten years younger) son of Hermanus, his father’s brother.

Three of Peter’s sons are said to have enlisted in the War of 1812: John C. (enlisted 20 April 1813); Aaron (enlisted 9 January 1814); and Fredrick (enlisted 13 May 1812 and died 25 Nov. 1812).]

JOHANNIS COERTER (b. 1712 d. 31 August 1751) m. Rachel Doolhaage(n) [Delhagen] on 31 August1751. They had at least one son: JOSEPH COURTER, Sr (b. 1752 d. 7 June 1823) m. Sarah Edwards (b. 16 Feb. 1776 whose father was Joseph Edwards m. Margaret Kent and whose grandfather was Jacob Edwards b. <1712 in Swanson, Wales). They had at least one son: JOHN EDWARDS COURTER.

JOHN EDWARDS COURTER (b. 7 Oct. 1786 - Hanover, N.J. d. 29 Aug. 1860) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Cook (b. March 1787 d. 3 Jan. 1866). They had at least one son: WILLIAM COURTER

WILLIAM COURTER (b. 16 Feb. 1811 - Rockaway, Morris Co. N.J. d. 6 Mar. 1890) m. Maria Browerson (b. 18 March 1814 d. 22 Feb. 1853). They had at least one son: JOHN ANTHONY COURTER

JOHN ANTHONY CARTER (b. 23 Sept. 1843 South Orange, N.J. d. 30 Jan. 1938 Topeka, KS) m. 22 June 1882 Aberdeen, S.D. Barbara Ritz (b. 25 March 1857 Kirchen, Germany d. 8 April 1926 Climax, KS). They had six children: (Jennie Vernena, Etta May, Anna Barbara, Amelia Irene, Mary Margaret, and CHARLES CARY)

CHARLES CARY COURTER (b. 2 July 1894 Barnes, KS d. 26 August 1990 Eureka, KS) m. 12 May 1920 Eureka, KS Marian Marjorie Devier (b. 24 April 1898 Arlington, KS d.18 October 1991 in Eureka, KS. They had three children (MARJORIE JEAN, Charles Clayton, and Wiliam Granville)

(MARJORIE) JEAN COURTER (b. 16 June 1921) m. 16 June 1945 ROBERT MARCHAND (b. 23 Aug. 1922). They had four children (Richard Bruce, Timothy Robert, ANN ELIZABETH, Susan Carol)

ANN ELIZABETH MARCHAND (b. 10 May 1954) m. 1 Jan. 1983 Wichita, KS. DAVID ELLIOTT ORTMAN (b. 28 Mar. 1953, Bridgeport, CT). We have two children (Michael David b. 25 Sept. 1985; Neah Elizabeth Marchand b. 30 June 1989)