FALSE START #B by David E. Ortman


Here are ten resolutions for the New Year/Coming Century/Millennium. I resolve to:

  1. Thank the officials. They hear enough grousing. Officiating should not be a "thankless" task. And that goes for other sports, as well, such as kids or grandkidsí soccer or baseball games.

  2. Try new events. Iíve still got two track and field events Iíve never done: the steeplechase and the 10K. Give a new event a try. We could use more pentathletes, a truly ancient Olympian event.

  3. Cross train body parts. Iím not likely to improve much right-handed with the discus, but I bet I could see some substantial improvement trying to throw the thing with the left hand. Since Iím a left foot jumper, I could also see about improving my right foot long jumping. Iím not sure it would be safe to try left-side pole vaulting, though.

  4. Speaking of body parts. Iím going to keep listening to my body. Unlike high school or college, where losing your senior year of track & field would have been the end of the world, losing a season, which I did last year can be shrugged off. Thereís always a new age group to look forward to, M50, M55, M60, etc. Of course the age group I always look forward to is W30.

  5. Attend high school and college track & field meets in the area. I went to the Washington State High School Track Championships last year and it was a blast. If we donít support and attend track & field meets who will?

  6. Recruit others. Every time Iím at a track and see someone doing a little sprinting, I ask them if they are interested in masters track & field. Of course, I always try and recruit non-hurdlers.

  7. Practice juggling. Itís great for hand-eye coordination and gives me something to do while waiting between events. I seem to remember that there is some world record for juggling three bowling bowls while running over hurdles (but I donít think that it is a truly ancient Olympian event).

  8. Send in masters meet results to National Masters News. The yearly masters rankings are taken mainly from the results published in National Masters News, but there are some states we never hear from (no masters meets in North Dakota??). If youíve got meet results, send them in, along with an e-mail version for later ranking purposes.

  9. Listen to my body. Did I already say this? Darn good advice. Iím going to take it.

  10. Drink plenty of fluids - After all, how can anything that is 97 percent water be bad for you.

All the best to everyone in 2000. May all your steps be swift and may the wind be always at your back, especially if you are hurdling.

© Copyright 1999, David E. Ortman

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